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Do you worry about where your mobile assets are during the day or after hours?
Of course you do!

Let MoboTrax GPS asset tracking help you take control so you can focus on building your business, not your headaches.

How can MoboTrax help make your worries less?

Save Time & Money
Making Your Company More Profitable

When a delivery or mobile asset fails to show up on time crews stand idle, jobs are delayed, money is wasted and your customer’s become concerned. MoboTrax was designed to let you know when your mobile assets are late to locations by sending you an alarm along with the mobile assets real time location. This gives you the power to take action before delays become problems. MoboTrax also gives you the power to track individual packages and orders to assure on time deliveries. Controlling your assets helps you better control your costs and efficiency of operations.

Protect Mobile Assets When They Are Out Of Sight

MoboTrax can help protect your mobile assets when you need it most, when they are out of sight. If a mobile asset is started, or if the MoboTrax unit loses power or is damaged, an alarm can be triggered notifying you of the action.

By setting electronic fences around storage yards, job sites or delivery locations, you can be alerted when mobile assets move. You can even protect employees who take vehicles home after work by setting up electronic fences around their house. If the vehicle moves after-hours, in or out an electronically fenced area during a set time, you will be automatically notified by email or SMS. Depending on why you set the fence, you can determine what action, if any, you need to take.

Reduce Your Mobile Asset Costs

Knowing where your mobile assets are and when they are being used is the first step. Mobile assets used for unauthorized weekend side jobs exposes your company to risks and unaccounted expenses. Identify these activities by using MoboTrax real-time location tracking and electronic fences. The more expensive the mobile asset, the more cost per hour it is to run and the more hours an asset runs, the more maintenance it needs to keep running. If you do not provide preventive maintenance, your mobile assets can break down unexpectedly causing increased labor costs, emergency mechanical or after hours repair services, late finish penalties, and so on, all adding up to increased cost of a job and less profit.

Detect Theft And Manage Activity

Electronic fences can be setup to trigger notifications when your mobile assets are moved. Not being restricted to theft, electronic fences help you to manage assets at your job sites as well. As your mobile assets are moved around, you can be notified when they arrive or are running late.

If employees are expected to take mobile assets home at night, an alarmed area can be set at the employee's home to make sure they get home on time and the asset is not moved during the night or weekends. If not, an alarm can warn you that they did not arrive when they were expected and management can search the GPS map to locate the employee to make sure they have not been in an accident.

There are many different reasons to setup an electronic fence. MoboTrax can track mobile assets for both coming and going, day and night. The better controls you have, the more profitable your company can be.

Never Lose Contact With Your Expensive Mobile Assets

MoboTrax transmitters can watch over your mobile assets 24/7/365 days, especially those that are left for long periods unattended, such as in the field over the winter months. Every transmitter has an internal battery which ensures continued operation even when disconnected from the asset. When the asset is reconnected, the internal batteries are recharged. If somebody tries to disconnect the transmitter or cut the battery cable to the asset, a notification will automatically be sent to you immediately. Plus, the transmitter can send out battery charge warnings when it starts to get low.

Pays For Itself

The tracking of mobile assets locations, operational hours and setting of alarms can help keep jobs running smoothly. MoboTrax can minimize break-downs and help to keep mobile assets running. It can help to keep mobile assets at the right location when they are supposed to be there. These can all help minimize down time to a job and support crews so they keep running more efficiently.

Lower Insurance Costs

Check with your insurance company on potential discounts as they set their rates based on some very specific rules: Who is driving or operating the mobile assets? What is the actual value of the mobile assets? Where it is parked at night and how is it protected? MoboTrax can help solve all of these conditions. Not only where is it, if it is stolen, but MoboTrax can sense initial movement. The quicker it is located, the more likely you are to get it back and with less damage. The sooner you get it back, the less the down time. Minimize any extra expenses that can cut into the job’s profits.

Save On Leasing Costs

When leasing mobile assets, the leasing company owns the items and your company only uses them. Whether the lease is a single usage lease or a triple net lease, the leasing companies are interested in how you protect and maintain the assets. Ask your leasing company if there are any discounts in leasing rates if the assets are protected and tracked with MoboTrax.

Contact us regarding more potential ideas how MoboTrax can help increase your company’s profitability.

Stay Covered

If you are a dealer or leasing company, MoboTrax can help increase your bottom line. Unlike GPS systems monitored by an equipment manufacturer, if you subscribe to MoboTrax, it is your subscription and there is no end of time warranty. You can put a MoboTrax transmitter on most any size mobile asset. Not only can you track the mobile assets, but dealers and service repair companies can provide maintenance services to the company leasing the mobile assets. With MoboTrax you will be able to track the operating hours to make sure the mobile assets are maintained on time. MoboTrax can keep track of where the mobile assets are. Allowing you to easily locate the assets for scheduled services. If a problem occurs, the mechanics can go directly to the assets regardless of where it was last seen. It is easy to find with MoboTrax.