MoboTrax GPS Tracking

MoboTrax GPS allows you to monitor your mobile assets while making sure your assets are where they are supposed to be, even after hours and on weekends. MoboTrax works with most all mobile asset manufacturers and is powered by major telecommunication carriers and satellite signaling. MoboTrax can help management make almost instant time and money saving decisions while watching over your mobile assets.

Automated Email and SMS Notification

MoboTrax automatically generates email or SMS notifications to keep your personel up-to-date. It can notify if the mobile assets are moved from a location without prior management approval. If a mobile asset is not where it is supposed to be, or on time, MoboTrax can send out a notice to pre-qualified individuals within your company.

Web-based Software

MoboTrax is a web-based, cloud software application, running on our secure servers. Accounts are easy to set up and use with minimal training, plus you do not have to buy, maintain, build or manage any expensive software in-house. Every time you log in, you have the latest updates automatically. Individual users’ rights are defined based on the employee's status within your company that is determined by you.

Outstanding Search Capability

MoboTrax provides an outstanding search feature that is so easy and simple that you'll use it every day to keep track your valuable mobile assets.

Geo Fencing

Fencing locations are tracked to the individual mobile assets and not the site. If there are multiple pieces of mobile assets are assigned to a single fenced area, they are all protected from movement and not just a single asset assigned to a location. Each asset can have multiple fences assigned to it. For example, an asset can be tracked on time to leave the main yard in the morning, at a job site in the morning hours, in transit to a motel that evening, at the next site the next morning, and so on. Restrictions can be scheduled to make fences only active when you need them.

Smartphones & Tablets

Full support for smartphones and tablets coming soon.